In today's world, where hackathons are ever more for people with years of experience behind them; Hack the Holidaus is a competition designed to allow anyone, regardless of prior hackathon experience, to have a fair and fun shot at winning. With multiple workshops and multiple knowledgeable mentors on standby, we want our participants to succeed and gain the knowledge and experience necessary to progress in future hackathons and the programming world.



Below are some things to cover with software submission requirements:

Project Requirements:

  • Functioning App. The project needs to be fully functioning. In order to demonstrate it, a live demo video must be created and submitted along with the code. The code will be sumitted through a GitHub repository.
  • Specific Tools. If the project requires any external tools, the managers should be informed beforehand.
    • Topic / Categories. The project should focus on education and how it can be improved. 
  • Platform. The project should run on all computers. 
  • New vs. Existing. The project should be completed from 1/2 to 1/8. Any work done outside the weekend will not be accepted. Cross submissions to other hackathons in the same weekend are allowed.

Submission Requirements 

  • What to enter. The code will be submitted through a GitHub repository. 
  • Video. You must create a video of the application and submit it through DevPost. This can be done through YouTube. 
  • File Upload. The code files should be compressed and submitted to DevPost as a .zip file. 
  • Other. The submission should have the names of everyone who contributed to the project.
  • Multiple Apps. Participants may submit only one application, but cross submissions during the same weekend are allowed.

Hackathon Sponsors


$140 in prizes

Amazon Giftcard

The winning submission will receive a $50 Amazon Giftcard as a digital voucher. Amazon is an e-commerce platform that allows users to buy and sell goods and services online. It offers a wide range of products including books, electronics, clothing, and more.

Stickermule Voucher

The Stickermule gift voucher will cover a variety of Stickermule products! StickerMule is an online platform that allows users to design and purchase custom stickers, labels, and other products. They offer a wide range of customization options and materials, such as vinyl, paper, and clear stickers. It also provides bulk ordering and international shipping options.

Wolfram Alpha Subscription

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that can answer natural language questions by providing information and computation-based answers. It can be used to perform mathematical calculations, generate graphs and data visualizations, and provide information on a wide range of topics, such as science, history, and geography. It is often used as a tool for research and education.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Will be announced shortly

Will be announced shortly

Will be announced shortly

Will be announced shortly

Judging Criteria

  • The Idea (Worth 5 points)
    This category will be judged based on how well the Group's idea solves current problems, along with if the idea was creative.
  • Technical Complexity (Worth 4 points)
    This category will be judged based on the complexity of the application itself. Specifically, what technologies were used (eg. Databases, Frameworks, etc), and how well they were implemented.
  • Creativity + Features (Worth 4 points)
    This category will be judged based on how creative the features of the project were, and how well the features correlated with the main idea of the project.
  • Github + Video (Worth 3 points)
    Github must be used when developing the application, and the judges will check the commit history. Groups will recieve points if their demo video fits the length of 2:00 minutes to 5:00 minutes.
  • Submission in Correct Format (Worth 2 points)
    All groups will receive 2 points if their submission is in the correct format, and their submission is on time.

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